dani muñoz 🍑


i graduate this spring 2018 with a degree in advertisingat the university of texas at austin and have recently completed two years of art direction in the texas creative sequence. i am a visual designer making things with a lot of luv and intention for wkrm design studio, local businesses, bands, other creative pals & myself. i've previously been the design director at 91.7 kvrx and have also designed for c3 presents & the international office.

when i'm not designing, i like thinking about primary colors, playing catch with my tuxedo cats, biking, golden hour, biking during golden hour, coding, and djing on the radio. if you'd like to get in contact about a freelancing opportunity or if you’d like to pose for a primary themed photo series i’m currently working on, hit my line!


hello world

i’m a designer and artist based in austin, currently making things, experiences, plays, structures, recycled junk with the art collective interactive nature (and sometimes making things for bands, orgs, people, your friend). over the last few years i’ve been the design director at 91.7 kvrx and have designed at wkrm design studio, c3 presents & ut's international office. i graduated from the university of texas in summer 2018 with a degree in advertising & two years of art direction study in the texas creative sequence.